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     Dongyang DongDa Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces box type, cylindrical type, ring type, within the spigot class, multi-polar magnetic charge, the radial products, magnetic tile and various triangular, trapezoidal shaped magnet.
The company's products are mainly used in all kinds of motors, motors, speakers, sensors, medical equipment, household appliances, toys, and other high-grade products. Products by the China Electronic Product Quality Testing Center, in line with national standards, and similar products meet international standards.
     With a variety of processing methods of application extensions, magnetic products also rising gradually improve product quality, the company's technical strength in addition to ensure stable production batch HF28 / 28, Y35BH, C-8, Y30H-1 and other performance products , but also within a certain range of mass-scale production of C-8B, C-8C, Y30H-2, FB6H other high-performance permanent ferrite. We advance with the times, and constantly open wound, in the new economic situation, continue to adjust their product mix, continuous innovation, and satisfy customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, truly worth Wumart. We are a positive, enterprising team, has been implementing the "quality of survival, to promote effective management, technology extension to the market, to win credibility," the spirit; to technological innovation as a fundamental scientific management for the pilot, improve quality centric to customer requirements for the purpose of continuous innovation and dedication to customers "in the magnetic world" to bring specialized services; willing users "in the magnetic world" to create brilliant!


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